BMRC are now linked in with Dads in Distress Support Services and carry their flyers and information in the trailer. This is a support group for fathers who may be on the wrong end of settlements (as seems often to be the case) subsequent to relationship and marriage failure and where children are impacted by the situation.

While Dads in Distress (DIDs) by its very name appears to be focused mainly on supporting men through separation from their partner and/or children, we actually have the health, safety and well-being of ALL the family uppermost in our mind. As a harm-prevention charity it saddens us that in our modern society of Australia there are men, women and children who are being harmed, and harming one another, in the very place where love and kindness should prevail.

As a peer support organisation, we encourage each other to keep in contact with our children no matter how hard that can be. Inevitably those children will want to know their dad.

We also encourage men to continue with emotional and financial support of their families for the sake of their children.

Connect with DID at or call 1300 853 437