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Preventing suicide and providing support and resources to people in their time of most need. 



Many Australians have incredible levels of pain and suffering which, when there seems to be nowhere else to turn, can lead to the tragedy of suicide. There is an intoxicating stigma which prevents many (often men) seeking the help they need, and gets in the way of those close to them being able to help.


A staggering 45 men attempt suicide EVERY week in Australia.

We need to make a change!



BMRC (Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc) was founded by Storn Petterson, someone who has experienced this level of despair, and who chose to use his experience to assist others (Read Storn’s full story..Click Here)We exist to make a difference to those suffering themselves or to those around them through with one of our primary aims being preventing suicide whatever the underlying cause is perceived to be.

  • Increasing public awareness of the extent of this tragic situation and its causes
  • Providing active support and resources to those who are directly in need
  • Offering assistance to family members affected by impact on their loved one, “the ripple effect”, through support and resources to help.


As a community service, we are reliant on the support of those businesses able to contribute so we can continue to give back and offer something unique and that saves lives. We cannot stress how valuable you are, and both we and those who use our services will always be forever grateful.

We thank you all for your continued support.

Three amazing ways you can help support BMRC

Direct donation

Tax deductable donations to BMRC

Invite us to your event

Helping us raise public awareness

Fundraising events

Sponsored sports and events to help us in the community

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