One of the ways in which many businesses help support BMRC is through running workshop type events and generously contributing the “cover charge” the attendees to our service.

We want your event to be a MASSIVE success for you and here are SIX golden rules that in our experience can really make the difference, These are in no particular order of impact with the exception of #1…they will all impact ..together they will be powerful!

Rule 1 – Be focused on solving a particular set of challenges for a SPECIFIC group 

Events are always judged on their usefulness of content to attendees. The ability of a presenter or presentation team to deliver something of value (which will have them coming back for more) is to have a laser focus on providing solutions for a specific part of your target market (not a ‘scattergun’ approach) try to do something for everyone. You are far better running two events than diluting your message and impact even if you are concerned about attendee numbers.


Rule 2 – With multi-speaker events..all speakers shoudl be participating in marketing and enrollment

Every potential speaker will benefit from the presentation in being able not just to offer great content to raise profile but also inviting attendees to work with them further. Logically therefore, all should be helping spreading the word re the event itself to their relevant lists of clients. If a potential speaker is not keen to embrace this, then find another speaker. This multi-source, cross-promotion approach is one of the most effective ways to boost numbers.


Rule 3 – Engage, Engage, Engage right up to the event with participants.

Prepare a series of ways to MEANINGFULLY connect with anyone who has enrolled as this will

a. Make attendance more likely

b. Have them excited about coming along

c.  Have them well prepared to get the most out of your session.

This goes beyond the simple reminders but may include pre-work, examples of how other people have gained from what they are going to hear and if you are feeling creative perhaps a series of 3-4 small preparation videos. (note: these can be used for recruitment also)


Rule 4 – advertise your event in the right places with a number of methods (and get some advocates to help spread the word)

One email isn’t going to fill those seats. As referenced above , think videos, think multiple social media channels and of course get some help in spreading the word around. You have of course got other speakers but also other people you do business with (you can perhaps offer a “stand” at the break or some promotional materials that can be given as takeaways for attendees. Keep the momentum going right up until the day and of course make a note of what is working for next time!


Rule 5 – “The buy one get another cheap” approach

Chances are that you have already shown in your marketing the incredible value you are going to be giving. Next level is to use the attendees you have already locked in to help spread the word. There are two main tactics you can use for this:

a. Bring along a friend /business colleague at a reduced rate (e,g, half price)

b. Offer an incentive for referring someone else. Suggesting that there are a few places left that you want to fill to maximise the impact of the vent is all very well and good for you, but where is the motivation for them. Think about what you could offer as a thanks for bringing someone else along e.g. a product, service or resource. Remember it MUST be something they see as being of incredible value to them.


Rule 6 – Right through your campaign – offer sensational proof of the difference it will make

Whenever you can and wherever, think what proof can i give that makes this compelling to attend. Testimonials written or more powerful video as to what happened to previous attendees after the event, or even better a case study or two. These should be on your website, in anything you send out and throw in a little scarcity (only x places left) should add to the “I cannot miss this feeling”.

OK so there are your SIX rules add to this a written and implemented plan that includes all of the above and you shoudl have them banging a the door to get in.

Good luck!!