Event Fundraising

Help us to raise funds to contribute

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Event Fundraising for BMRC


Many of our valuable and valued supporters choose to run events that offer the opportunity for organisers to contribute part of the “entry charge” being offered as a donation.

This generous approach can be done in many ways and may be done either with us in attendance or not dependent on the event type. Either way, as an extra incentive to those who are considering fundraising and as our way of saying thank you and event where BMRC is a beneficiary will be advertised to OUR network to help you make you event even more of a success.

How it works


Many events requite attendees to pay a cover charge. Most commonly this goes towards the costs of the event and the leftover is seen as a profit.

These may include events such as sporting fixtures, workshops and seminars and even specially dedicated events such as “balls” or “auction nights”.

Those who choose to help support the on-going and vital work of BMRC may offer to donate the proceeds of the admission cover charge or profits from specially organised events.

Which ever fundraising event is a “fit” for you and your be sure it is ALWAYS received with massive gratitude no matter how bog or small your event is.

Thank you to all our previous event fundraisers and to you for your consideration

What should I do now?


The process is simple. 

If you can complete the form below with as many details as is possible.

As soon as we have received your information one of our team will be in touch not just to offer you our sincere thanks but to get some information from you so we can help you advertise to our networks as appropriate.


Please note: If you would like us to be present in some form at your event, please let us know as soon as possible after the days of your events are confirmed. We do have a diary which fills relatively quickly so the sooner you can let us know the better.


Simply complete the form opposite and as always many thanks!


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